Goffs Oak Methodist Church

Goffs Oak Methodist Church

Newgatestreet Road




Email: info@goffsoakmethodistchurch.org.uk

Website: www.goffsoakmethodistchurch.org.uk

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Goffs Oak Methodist Church is situated in Newgatestreet Road in Goffs Oak in Hertfordshire. It is in a pretty location set back off the road and we even have some Oak Trees in front of the Church.

It is very easy to get to and from, as Goffs Oak is between Cuffley and Cheshunt. It is on the bus routes 242, and the C1. If you like a walk, the 251 is available at Smith‹s Corner and walk down to Hammond Street, turn left Newgatestreet Road and walk down until you reach Goffs Oak Methodist Church. During the Weekdays the C1 stops if hailed, outside the church.

Goffs Oak Methodist Church is on the corner of Newgatestreet Road and Wesley Close. It has a Church Hall adjacent and connected to the main Church. 

We are about 1.5 miles from Cuffley Station, and 2 miles from the main Rosedale Estate in Cheshunt. Newgatestreet Road also connects with Cheshunt via Hammond Street Road . There is main road access to the A10 and to Waltham Cross.

Goffs Oak is certainly a well sited church and easy to find . There is free parking space in the front of the Church. Welcome you all to Goffs Oak Methodist Church and so come and visit.